What Clients Are Saying

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Jo is such an inspiration! After my 1st class I knew I would become an addict! Her energy is contagious and its so fun you don't even realize your working out! It's like a dance party from when you walk in to when you walk out!! No wonder she has a massive following! -- Kristen Wildman

Jo DeLuca's sparkling personality and easy laugh, naturally make her one of the most popular Zumba instructors.  Or maybe it's the killer abs that she's attained from the five years that she's been doing Zumba. -- www.fairfieldista.com

I LOVE this class!!!! Jo has the BEST energy (plus, she's in sick shape) which is so so motivating!! I am just getting back into shape and half the time I forget how hard the class is because I am having so much FUN. I can't stop smiling. I have never done Zumba before and now it's my most favorite thing, thanks to amazing Jo! ❤️-- Molly Buchholz Berkeley

I started dancing with Jo a few years ago at Flair's original location. The first week or two, there were six of us in the room, and Jo was so grateful to us for coming. Within a few weeks, the room was packed to the rafters for every class. (Luckily the new studio has plenty of room.) Why is Jo's class so popular? First, it's Jo herself, who has a warm, welcoming and dynamic personality. She is still grateful to each and everyone of us for coming to her class. Second, we get a great aerobic work out, while being so carried away by the music and the movement that we do not realize we're exercising. And exercising hard. I am a major Jo fan. -- Jennifer Boyd

I can't get enough of Jo's Zumba class! It lifts me up every day, and I am so grateful to have found a place where the girls I dance with have become my friends! Jo you rock! -- Amy Silberfein

I've been with Jo since she started with Flair and she has been an amazing instructor since day one! Her unrelenting enthusiasm and consistency continues to inspire me and her choice of songs and choreography from multiple genres keeps us all motivated and smiling. Come, join the party-- Lisa Firmin

Always a fabulous, fun and never redundant workout.  Best energy is in that room for 1 hour!  Jo's choreography gets every part of your body moving. No matter what you have going on in your life, you will put it behind you for that hour that we all deserve. Thanks Jo! -- Caitlin Whitacre

I am so glad to have found Jo and her unbridled dance energy -- she is seriously a dancing, fitness queen and I am so happy to know her! You just can't resist the Zumba party if Jo is on the floor! -- Erin C.

Jo's energy is contagious and her Zumba class is amazing for mind, body and spirit! -- Julie Kahn 

Zumba with Jo is addictive! She always keeps the workout interesting and new! Her energy is completely contagious! -- Rochelle Charnin

I have never been into exercising, but Jo's class is so much fun that you forget that you are actually burning a ton of calories while toning every part of your body.  Jo's amazing energy, great music and a diverse group of nonjudgemental girls make every class a party! -- Diana G. 

As I lead a very active life in retirement, my favorite days are the mornings in Jo's class. She supplies an exuberance and energy that just radiates.  I find myself absorbed into the joy of exercise and dance that gets every muscle working.  Such fun & function in one place.  If you're thinking about it and are not sure, come join in. No one except Jo is watching you [and at some point we're all a bit spazzy] you'll  find a spring in your step and a delight in your heart that will make you want to keep coming. Thanks Jo -- BK

I’m a total Jo DeLuca groupie! I’ve been attending her classes for the last five years and still look forward to each and every class, knowing how great I’ll feel when I leave the Zumba studio. Jo is completely dedicated to her “Zumba girls” and works tirelessly to make sure we’re happy and having fun. The energy in her classes is exhilarating and the comaraderie among the participants is uplifting. It’s my happy place – perfect way to start the day. PURE JOY! -- Annmarie Medwid

Joanne DeLuca is an amazing Zumba instructor. She is inspiring, motivating, enthusiastic, energetic and most of all FUN! She has found a way to ensure her students get an incredible workout while truly having a blast. There is so much positive energy flowing in her classes. You can't help but feel empowered and full of happiness by the time you are finished.  It is a very warm and welcoming environment - Please come give it a try! -- Michele Gedney